This Campaign is Extremly Important! 

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Our 2023 Operational Expenses Campaign

First, we want to thank you for your extraordinary support that led to a super successful year of YOUR giving to our students which has led to the following stories of achievement: 

  • A student who was never allowed to go to school - kept in a very abusive situation until authorities finally rescued him. He got into SJHS, graduated with honors, and received one of our donor-named scholarships. He graduated in business, has a great job and is helping his siblings towards their educational goals. 
  • Another student whose mother – and then grandmother – was abusive. Her scholarship helped her to get into a school out-of-state where she could live with extended family in a safe environment. 
  • Another student – in various foster care homes throughout her young life – awarded a SJAA scholar ship and recently became a doctor. 
  • And the ability to restore our 108-year-old SJHS bus built long ago for student transport. The work is in progress. 

The SJAA is facing increased costs these days and are working towards solutions through fundraising efforts such as Amazon, Giving Tuesday, and grants, etc. But while these are getting into place over the next year, we truly need your help to support our ongoing 2023 efforts

We'd love it if you could make a special donation to help us continue our mission.

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We appreciate your consideration and ongoing assistance that has benefited so many worthy students. Thank you. 

Dee (Worthington '64) Peacock
San Juan Alumni Association President