The Bob Cornwell Scholarship Fund

Bob Cornwell Scholarship San Juan High School

Robert "Bob" Glenn Cornwell, Sr.

On his retirement from San Juan in 1994, Bob founded a scholarship there to help advance the cause for which he worked tirelessly during his career: helping struggling students to reach college. Rather than the valedictorians or children of comfortable means, he most wanted to encourage those who might otherwise not have the chance to go to college. Many Cornwell scholarship recipients were the first in their families to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Mr. Cornwell began his career with San Juan High School in Citrus Heights as a counselor, a calling he was to follow for 37 years. Bob helped generations of students at San Juan, counseling them in personal conflicts, substance abuse and academic success. He gained a profoundly compassionate view of the needs of young people. Maria Brugger was a student in Bob’s first class at San Juan. In those days, a counselor followed a class from entry as freshmen through graduation. Maria later said: ‘As my high school counselor, Bob recognized strengths I didn’t know I had and challenged me to accomplish things I didn’t know I could. Bob inspired everyone who knew him by the way he persevered through challenges.’ As an adult she became a good friend and served on the San Juan scholarship committee with Bob. Mr. Cornwell was born April 5, 1926 in Wabasha, Minnesota and passed on December 21, 2013, Roseville, California. 


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